If your business intends to exhibit at an upcoming trade show, you might want to know the best trade show booth design practices. Generally, there are design practices that make a trade show booth successful. Our trade shows booth designers share tips that will help in making your booth stand out from the rest during the trade show.

Stick to your brand

The most important practice for designing a trade show booth is being consistent with your branding. This ensures that the theme of your brand remains consistent across the design materials ranging from images and banners to freebies and other elements. Apart from making your brand stand out from the rest, it will make it create a consistent image in the minds of the trade show attendees.

Tell attendees exactly what your business does

You should never assume that attendees know what your business does while designing a trade show booth. This is very important especially for smaller businesses or companies. When you ensure that your booth design tells attendees what your business is all about, you will save the time that you would spend explaining what your business is all about to prospects that are genuinely interested in your business. Instead, visitors will ask more specific queries about your business and its offerings.

Be unique

Although bright colors can make your booth stand out, there are several ways of standing out. For instance, you can include several demos in the design of your booth. You can also come up with a bold design and engage attendees in non-salesy manner.

Be interactive

A trade show can be boring if there are booths with similar looks and operations. Instead of running this risk, design your booth in a way that provides something for the attendees to interact with and have fun. This will attract attendees that will be bored in the booths of your competitors to your booth.

Include your brand name in the booth

To be remembered by the trade show attendees, put the name of your business in the booth design. This will not only tell your customers where your booth is, but it will also keep your brand name in the minds of most attendees. Attendees should not spend a lot of time looking for your business name and eventually walk away. Include your business name in the booth to make it clearly visible from a distance.

Avoid cluttering the booth

You want your booth to be the most amazing in the trade show. However, you should not clutter it with graphics and information. Make sure that your booth is uncluttered, sleek and attractive. This will make your booth visible and appealing to more attendees.

There are many ways of designing a trade show booth. How you opt to design your booth might be different from how another business designs theirs. Nevertheless, your goal should be to make your booth stand out and convey the message of your business. To have the best trade show booth design, get in touch with us any time.