There are characteristics of modern trade show booths that set them apart from their traditional counterparts. Trade show booths have evolved over the years from the time when craftsmen, merchants and farmers would meet in towns to hold trading fairs during which they would sell and showcase products. Today, both large and small businesses come together in trade shows to showcase their products and services in interactive ways. This can be attributed to technological advancement which has led to designing and creation of innovative booths. Our trade show specialists highlight some of the attributes of the best contemporary trade show booths.

Virtual booths

Apart from appearing at the trade show, businesses are creating virtual trade show booths. These are modern booths that have designs that mimic those of physical booths. Virtual booths are created by experienced professionals and event designers. They have large displays which provide relevant information, icons which trigger responses, real-life imagery, visual as well as audio messages that mimic live presentations. Some virtual booths have a chat feature that enable visitors to interact with the business or company online.


Interactivity is very important during a trade show. With modern booths for trade show, salesmen do not have to be available all the time to explain product features to attendees or visitors. These booths have experiential marketing. They attract attendees and give them amazing interactive experience. Apart from using video technology, they use touch screens and demonstrations that provide tangible exhibits, refreshments and contests for visitors.

Moving graphics

Modern technology has made it possible for businesses to have booths with attractive moving graphics. A modern booth for trade shows is not limited to the static imagery and photos that were a characteristic of traditional booths for trade show. This booth uses the modern slim TV technology combined with high-end projectors in providing moving imagery to visitors. These graphics are incorporated in actual presentations that make the booths stand out in the trade show hall.

Creative designs

How a trade show booth is designed determines the number of visitors it attracts. Contemporary booths for trade shows have creative designs that diverge from traditional booths designs. These designs attract more traffic to the booth. When designing modern booths, designers think about unique aspects of the businesses or companies that will use the booth and make them their focal points. Additionally, the designs also include a space with comfortable seats for visitors to seat and discuss the offering of the business.

There are many companies that design trade show booths for businesses and companies that want to exhibit at the trade shows. It is important that you hire a company that is capable of designing and making a contemporary booth for your upcoming trade show. This will enable you to use the most innovative trade show booth and stand out from the rest in a trade show where every participant is competing for attention. If you want to have the best modern trade show booths for your upcoming exhibition, get in touch with us today.