There are many benefits of a trade show pop up banner. This portable signage provides a professional display for promoting a business successfully. A pop up banner is ideal for you if you travel more often promoting the services and goods that your business offers at exhibitions and trade shows. This banner has an impressive design that is combined with simple messaging of services. It also allows for the addiction of messages into a business instantly. Our trade show experts highlight some of the major benefits of a pop up banner.


A pop up banner provides the cheapest and best form of advertising. Setting up a stand that maintains a professional look can be quite difficult for traveling exhibitors. However, a pop up banner provides a unique selling point for services and products while being moderately priced.


Carrying a pop up banner is very easy. It is an ideal advertising means that require minimal set up and hassle. You can carry this banner with you while strolling through the trade show hall and assemble it quickly when necessary. However, it depends on the banner size. Nevertheless, regardless of the size, this banner has easy set up and this makes it the most convenient banner to use in a trade show.

Space saving

A pop up banner requires little space to set up. Whether you set it up in a business environment or carry it while on the road, it requires a very small space to set up. While at the trade show, the space where you set up a banner is money. Therefore, you do not want a banner that will take half of the available space. A pop up banner enables you to utilize the available space to the maximum.


A pop up banner is very durable because it is built with strong materials to last. This banner is generally printed on vinyl-like materials. This ensures that the material does not deteriorate or fade over time. It has a base where the actual banner can be stored when it is not being used. This keeps it protected from contamination. The base is made of light aluminum or plastic and it makes it light easing transportation. However, it is sturdy and strong for display despite being light.


A pop up banner is clearly visible from afar. This is very important because while at the trade show, you compete for attention from the attendees. A pop up banner makes the sales pitch of your business visible from any corner of the trade show hall. The most important thing that you should do is to set up the banner at the right place then elevate the stand to make your advertising visible from a distance.

In the contemporary world, many businesses and companies are opting to advertise their products in digital ways even in trade shows and exhibitions. A trade show pop up banner provides a great way of advertising your products and brand in a trade show hall. Contact us today if you want to use a pop up banner effectively in an upcoming trade show.